We started with great excitement and perseverance in early 1996 and the work of producing machines came to life with Jumbo Slitter & Rewinder machines. When we came to 1999, we started to produce Label Quality Control machines, which are a first in Turkey and which are still in production today. For the Flexible Packaging sector, Rotogravure Printing machines, Flexo Printing machines and Lamination machines can be called. In 2012, we focused our efforts on the Label sector and we started producing Shrink Sleeve sewing, Shrink Sleeve Qality Control and Shrink Sleeve Cutting machines for Shrink Sleeve Label production as a first in Turkey. When we come to 2018 again in Turkey as a first, Core Cuntting (automatic cardboard belly cutting) machines you have met with our valuable consumer. And by 2019, again, Full Servo Controlled and top-loading system UV is the first in Turkey. We are very proud to have presented the Flexo Label Printing machine to the delight of our valued customers.

Starting in 1996 with great enthusiasm and determination, we will continue to provide better and better quality services to our valued customers on this journey that continues.


To bring our products and services in line with the changing expectations of the changing society with the understanding of continuous development of our work, with our knowledge and technology.
Establish long-term relationships with our customers and support their success with the creative ideas, services and solutions we offer.
To fully fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and society.
To use and benefit from their potential to the maximum extent by encouraging all our employees and rewarding their achievements.
To increase the value of our assets and to increase our reliability for our suppliers and solution partners.
To do long-term and value-adding jobs with our suppliers.


To meet the expectations of the consumer at the highest level with its wide range of products by providing maximum quality and optimum price ratio in the right product.
To be a national sector leader by making a difference with the products and services we offer.
To become a leading company that has established itself by becoming a brand in the field in which we operate at the international level.


Our company has a management approach that adopts and applies Total Quality Management, follows production technologies closely and incorporates them into the system, and therefore has a principle of customer satisfaction and quality production in the first place.
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